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    I just purchased a new domain and would like to know how much take to get it ACTIVE status. Thx!
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    I did the redirect in CPanel section: Bit it still show "Mixed Content" like images: So if someone could help me to fix this, i will be very grateful. Thx.
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    Ok, fixed it, if someone else is using invision community for forums, and after activating and make the redirect to a HTTPS still getting MIXED CONTENT warning, change this in your forum dashboard: System > Settings > Posting: That will solve it.
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    I hope it helps some new ppl at wordpress like me, who was in doubt on what of this two versions choose, (.com or . org) i finally decided for .org. PD: Would be nice to have more category o nthe forum like: User tutorials Doubts & Questions Showcase forum & websites (if something legally) Offtopic
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    Hi There! Sure! great suggestion 😙 Cheers! 🍻
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    Hi There! I am glad to hear that 😁 Cheers! 🍻
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