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  2. Ok, fixed it, if someone else is using invision community for forums, and after activating and make the redirect to a HTTPS still getting MIXED CONTENT warning, change this in your forum dashboard: System > Settings > Posting: That will solve it.
  3. I did the redirect in CPanel section: Bit it still show "Mixed Content" like images: So if someone could help me to fix this, i will be very grateful. Thx.
  4. I purchased a plan and choosed Belgium [NL], because by the "type" of content the forum will have, it can't be in USA. But now when i check the location of my site, it says USA: And here is the proof i choosed BELGIUM [NL]: i'm not an expert and Cloudflare is not active yet, so that can't be the cause why it says USA. Hope someone could explain me this. Thx! PD: Or it's just the location of the "domain" and not the hosting itself?
  5. I hope it helps some new ppl at wordpress like me, who was in doubt on what of this two versions choose, (.com or . org) i finally decided for .org. PD: Would be nice to have more category o nthe forum like: User tutorials Doubts & Questions Showcase forum & websites (if something legally) Offtopic
  6. I just purchased a new domain and would like to know how much take to get it ACTIVE status. Thx!
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  8. Let's review the different ways to get started with WordPress. The lesson walks users through the process of installing WordPress locally on their own computer so they can follow along with future lessons.
  9. The ALCHosting Community is a place for you to connect with each other to share first-hand business insights & best practices, exchange ideas, gather feedback, build relationships, troubleshoot technical issues and ultimately grow your businesses. By actively participating in conversation, you can make friends, learn and have fun. All great Communities need a few guidelines to help to keep the conversation productive, helpful and engaging. ALCHosting’s Community includes people from a wide variety of experiences, ideas and backgrounds. The guidelines below will help you and our entire community to have the best experience possible. * Have a question? Search first. You may find the answer you're looking for! * Have an account-specific question? Contact ALCHosting Support. Help in the Community comes from members assisting others with questions related to ALCHosting products and relevant topics. But for account-specific questions, contact ALCHosting Support. * Stay relevant and concise. Post your questions and comments in the most relevant forum and try to keep your content brief and on-point. * Be respectful. Be respectful of others, as the Community brings people together from around the world with different perspectives, experiences, and opinions. * Keep it civil. The Community does not tolerate discrimination, inflammatory posts, threats, personal attacks, or bullying of any kind. Whether a post qualifies as such is up to the sole discretion of the Community Moderators. * Be mindful of your language. The written word can be easily misinterpreted, so be careful in what you write. Tip: Smilies/emojis are helpful in setting the right tone! Smiley Happy * Keep it clean. Vulgar, obscene, profane, or otherwise offensive posts are not welcome. * No spamming. Do not post the same topic or post repeatedly. * Keep promotions in designated areas. Do not create new topics for the purpose of advertising your website(s) or business. You may, however, promote your business/website(s) in your user profile or signature and specific threads. * Be supportive. Show your appreciation by giving “Kudos” to helpful posts. If a Community member answers your question, mark it as an “Accepted Solution.” Try to welcome new members to the Community and offer help if you feel comfortable doing so. * Be secure. Do not post identifiable information in any place within the Community. This includes email addresses, passwords, and ALCHosting shopper IDs. * Keep it legal. You must adhere to the following guidelines: "Do not post any language or images that promote illegal activity or use of any illegal substances or discusses such activities or substances with the intent to commit or use them. Do not engage in infringement and/or misappropriation of a third-party’s intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights. Do not engage in impersonation of ALCHosting staff or other ALCHosting Community members or as a representative of another company." * Do not “game the system.” Do not attempt to manipulate or circumvent the forums or other community features. This includes the ranking and reputation systems ("Kudos"), using multiple profiles, and/or colluding with others on voting. * Common sense prevails. Think of the Community as a global network of peers and colleagues. Think about what is appropriate for that audience. Use your best judgment. And always remember: At the end of the day, we're all here to help each other do great things online! Penalties for behavior that violates these guidelines will be set at the moderators' discretion on a case-by-case basis. If issues are ongoing, you risk having your Community rights revoked indefinitely.
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